PU foam is an ideal material suitable for filling of cavities of a variable character, including those that are difficult to access and especially of cavities where there are no requirements for static action of the filling. If proper application conditions are met, the cavity is always filled to the maximum possible extent and after hardening and trimming a solid base is formed for the installation of the subsequent layers of the structure. In this application, not only excellent expansion properties of the foam, but also its thermal insulation properties are used. Similarly to other applications, PU foam must be protected from the effects of long-term UV radiation after application to maintain its physical and mechanical properties in this case as well.

Typical applications

  • Cavities and cracks in brickwork (makeshift solution, does not solve the static aspect of the problem)
  • Joints in brickwork structures
  • Filling installation pipelines, gaps and grooves with foam
  • Gaps between heat insulation boards (gaps up to the width of 4 mm)
  • Filling the space under shower tubs
  • Use in well construction
  • Filling cavities of plastic window profiles with foam
  • Terraria and mock-up making
  • Packing material

Application recommendations

In any case, we recommend you to wet the space of the cavity to be filled or the surfaces that will be in contact with the foam during application before use. Thorough wetting (e.g. with a water spray) will facilitate application and improve the quality of the result. If large cavities are to be filled, you should apply foam gradually in strips, not all at a time (per one press) and sufficiently wet these strips with a water spray before applying the next layer again. Otherwise the foam will not completely harden in its whole cross-section, which leads to the formation of an undesired cavity in the foam mass. If you are not sure about the product selection or procedure, do not hesitate to contact us. Our developers and technicians are ready to provide you with phone support or to offer paid services to you within your project.

Application examples

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