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Car cosmetics

In the range of cosmetic products for cars we are able to offer our customers a wide range of aerosol products. Besides the standard recipes we can also refill liquids supplied by the customer.

Concentrated formula that instantly clears icy windscreens, mirrors and locks.  Make your windscreen  clean in most severe weather conditions. The spray helps to prevent re-freeze and works at temperatures as low as -15°C.
Features: Melts ice fast; For use on mirrors, windows and locks; Leaves a clear finish for increased visibility; 150 – 600 ml can

Cockpit spray
Cleans, renews and protect all plastic internal parts of your car. Has an anti-static but shining effect. Nicely perfumed. 150 – 600 ml can.

Cockpit Matt Care Spray
Perfectly cleans and provides an ellegant, matt appearance. Gives a pleasant smell and additionally inhibits further re-deposition of dust. Delays the process of plastic ageing.

Tyre care
Revitalizes tyres and external plastic parts. Water and grime repellent. Long lasting high gloss effect.

Wheel cleaner
Powerful cleaner for steel and light alloy rims. Removes black deposit and road grime from the rims. Fast action. Reinforced formulation.

Engine cleaner
Highly effective cleaner for car engines and other machine parts. Removes grease, oil, dirt and grime.

Brake cleaner
Removes brake fluid, grease, oil and brake dust instantly. Evaporates without residue. On brakes (drum and disk brakes, brake linings, brake shoes, cylinders, springs and bushings). On clutches (clutch linings and clutch parts). On engine parts (carburators, petrol and oil pumps, gears…)

Car shampoo
„Double action“, highly concentrated soft shampoo with wax effect. For car, truck, boat and karavan. Shampoo with gloss effect.

Glass Anti-fog
Prevents interior fogging before the problem begins. Features: Reduces interior fogging and removes smoke residue; For use on automotive and marine interior glass and mirrors; Also works on bathroom mirrors.

Insect remover
Removes rapidly and without effort all dead insects from the bodywork and windscreen.

Asphalt remover
Removes asphalt, tar residue, rubber, salt and other dirt from the bodywork and from the wheels. Removes adhesives of stickers as well.

Screw release and rust remover
A multi-purpose spray. It loosens rust, protect against moisture and renewed oxidation, can be used ideally as a lubricant, easily releases tighly sealed bolts, and has a high penetration capacity. An important addition to any tool box. Features: Inhibits rust and corrosion; displaces moisture, dries out electrical equipment (ignition systems, generators, motors etc.); Forms a moisture barrier to help prevent trouble before it starts.

Contact spray
It is quick and reliable at rectifying ignition problems. To be used as a preventive measure against ignition problems caused by moisture in vehicles and in other low-voltage ignition systems. Cleans the ignition cable, distributor caps and connectors.

Starting Aid Spray
Rapid engine starting aid for cold starts which are gentle on the battery, with proven combination of active agents. Helps with starting problems quickly and reliably, particulary in cold and damp weather. For all 2-stroke petrol and diesel engines, with and without catalytic conventer. Ideal for – Diesel vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery; Combustion engines in aircraft, ships and vehicles.

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