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Degreaser, brake cleaner
Universal degreaser. It quickly removes grease, oils, dirt and brake fluid residues by simply spraying. It is suitable for degreasing the chain before lubricating them. It is excellent for degreasing brake discs and cleaning brakes.

Suiteble for protection of metal, plastic, rubber and leather parts of the wheel. It revives colors, smells pleasant and reduces the deposition of dirt. Regular use can extend the life of individual surfaces.

Polish for matte frames
Polish specially developed for matt frames. Preserves metal, plastic, rubber and leather parts of the bike. It revives the color, but at the same time preserves the appearance of matt lacquer.

Universal chain lubricant
A universal two-component chain lubricant which, thanks to its unique composition, rises very well into the chain spaces, where it displaces moisture, lubricates the chain and protects against corrosion. It can also be used for O-ring chains. It has a lower content of adhesive components and is therefore suitable for lubricating mountain and road bike chains in almost all conditions (from dust to rain).

Chain lubricant for extreme conditions
Two-component chain lubricant for extreme conditions, which has a higher content of adhesive components and thus withstands even the most difficult conditions (water, mud, snow). It can also be used on high-speed motorcycle chains.

Biodegradable chain lubricant
High-performance biodegradable oil with white solid lubricants designed for lubrication of chains and also for general lubrication (eg cables, bowden cables, pins, etc.). It rises perfectly between the moving elements, displaces moisture and protects against corrosion.

Multifunctional biodegradable oil
It is suitable for general lubrication (eg cables and bowden cables), loosening rusted connections, and preventive corrosion protection.

Silicone oil
It is suitable for lubrication and conservation of springs. It can also be used to lubricate O-rings and rubber seals during assembly and wherever it is necessary to lubricate the connection between the metal and rubber (plastic) surface

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