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1-C Mounting Foams

Standard B3

Polyurethane foam designed for installations of door and window frames, filling of cavities, installation spaces between panels, bricked partitions, the ceiling and floor. It has excellent thermal insulation properties. It is applied with an attached tube. It is also suitable for DIY use.


Universal B3

The polyurethane foam is mainly suitable for filling of cavities, but also for DIY installations of door and window frames. The foam manifests very good adhesion to most construction materials. It is applied with an attached tube.


Winter B3

Polyurethane foam with the possibility of all-year use for all common types of construction work, the same as in the case of the standard mounting foam B3. The foam is frost resistant, applicable down to -10°C (ambient temperatures); its advantage is quick hardening under unfavourable climatic conditions. It is applied with an attached tube.


Standard B2

Polyurethane foam with increased fire resistance, complying with the requirements of the DIN4102 – B2 and ČSN EN 13501-1 standards. It is suitable for the installation of fire resistant frames and in cases its use is specified in the design documentation. It is applied with an attached tube.


Water-well mounting B3

Polyurethane foam developed for sealing of water supply shafts, well centerings or wastewater lines under difficult conditions and in places with poor access. The special formula has been tested by an independent testing facility for direct and permanent contact with potable water. The certificate confirms that the product does not affect the quality of potable water. It is applied with an attached tube.


Low-expansion mounting

Special polyurethane foam that is suitable for installation or gluing of elements. It can be applied in places where the lowest possible expansion of foam during the curing is required. It is also very suitable for gluing of interior and exterior sills, stair stringers or door frame casings in the interior. It is applied with an attached tube.