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Development and innovation

Our own development laboratory provides us not only background for the development and testing of new products, but also for the constant innovation of existing recipes, which allows us to respond flexibly to changing trends and client requirements, and constantly increase the competitiveness of our products.


In 2001,
We start with one production line.

A team of qualified laboratory staff has many years of experience focuses intensively on the development and improvement of recipes for polyurethane foams and other aerosols. The employees of the laboratory follow the latest trends in the field and actively involve the newly acquired knowledge in their development activities. The laboratory also plays an important role in verifying the quality of raw materials and finished products.


Laboratory equipment

The laboratory is equipped with a number of specific analytical instruments that allow both verification of the parameters of polyurethane foams and control of physico-chemical parameters of input raw materials.

During the development of individual recipes, we also determine the effect of aging of our products in various climatic conditions simulated in several high-capacity climatic chambers, furnaces and also in the cooling and freezing chamber.


Future growth

We are aware of the crucial role of the research and development department for the future growth of the company, ensuring demanding market requirements and meeting environmental aspects, and therefore we maintain long-term contacts with universities and research institutes.

The result of our cooperation with the ICT Prague are, among other things, student internships in our laboratory. Every year, we offer several students an offer for active cooperation in the development and testing of our products. During the internship, they have the opportunity to work on all laboratory equipment, bring new knowledge and insights and deepen their knowledge.