In our production lines we fill aerosol products into a wide range of packages. Outside the range of aerosol products we are able to fill non-pressurised packages – bottles, cans, barrels, casks and containers with the volume of 0.5 – 1000 l with liquids. We use a wide range of propulsion gases that do not harm the ozone layer of the Earth. The propulsion gases may be liquefied or gaseous depending on the most suitable formula for the given product. For filling of spray products we use liquefied propulsion gases – a mixture of propane and butane, dimethyl ether, HBA (non-flammable propulsion gases) and compressed propulsion gases – carbon dioxide, nitrogen or possibly compressed air.

Training and technical support

No important manufacturer is able nowadays to operate without a technical background to meet the high demands of the current market. Therefore, our company provides our clients with a comprehensive range of technical sales support services. We maintain continuous contacts with legislation and safety at work experts, we follow new trends in the PU industry, but we also organise training and workshops for retailers as well as sales representatives of our clients. Through educational projects we want to provide retailers with as much expert knowledge as possible so they can flexibly respond to market requirements. We organise presentations at the seat of our company or directly on the customers’ premises.

Consulting services

For customers as well as end consumers it is getting more and more difficult to understand legal regulations and standards. Employees of our company continuously follow legislative changes of regulations concerning the production of aerosol products, their identification, packing and distribution. If a customer is not sure about the identification of a product and documentation for its distribution, he/she can contact the responsible employees of our company who are ready to answer the questions and help with the preparation of identification and documents.


Logistic services represent an integral part of our service offer. We arrange for transport of goods through verified external forwarders throughout Europe as well as overseas. In our production-storage site we are able to offer short-term and long-term storage of produced goods for our clients, or even storage of their own goods under very convenient conditions. We further offer preparation of customer group packages, identification, packing on pallets as requested by our customers, customs clearance and keeping consignment stock.


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