2-C Mounting Foams
Two-component PU mounting foam

Single component polyurethane foams are particularly suitable for home and hobby use. They are denoted by the letters "HH" from the English "hand held". The application is carried out using a disposable plastic tube which is screwed onto the valve of the PU foam container.The tube is included in the package of tubular foams.

PU Foam
Standard B2

Professional two-component polyurethane foam with high strength. It hardens during 30 minutes after application throughout its volume even without the access of air. It features a very high adhesive strength to various construction materials. Thanks to its composition it has a reduced flammability class and complies with the ČSN EN 13501-1 (DIN 4102) standards. After hardening it has a constant volume – it does not shrink nor perform post expansion. The product is designed for quick installation of window and door frames, filling of closed cavities and formation of thermally and sound insulating layers.

PU Foam
Standard B3

Professional two-component high-strength polyurethane foam, quick hardening even without access of air humidity with very high adhesive strength. The foam can be trimmed by cutting 30 minutes after application when it has hardened throughout its volume. The foam offers very good binding capabilities and high adhesive force and strength. It is mainly suitable for quick installation of window and door frames and filling of closed cavities.