Adhesive PU foam
Adhesive foams
PU foam
Brick adhesive B3

High-quality polyurethane adhesive based on modified polyurethane, designed for gluing of masonry materials. It is characterised with a high yield and reduced post expansion. It is designed for gluing of supporting walls and partitions of various construction elements.

PU foam
Polystyrene adhesive B3

Highly stable polyurethane adhesive based of modified polyurethane, developed for fixing of polystyrene boards to various construction materials. It features high adhesion and minimum post expansion.

PU foam
Glue for roof tiles B3

It is an excellent polyurethane adhesive with extremely low later expansion that has been specially developed for the installation of roof tiles and repairs of roof shells. Its properties make it suitable for gluing of all types of roof tiles (burnt and made of concrete) as well as various construction or roofer materials (metal, shingles, bitumen, wood).